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Sustainable G’s is a 501c3 organization that started as a project. We are dedicated to strengthening and empowering communities to learn about sustainability, grow food & plants through educational hands-on workshops. We support creative gardening as well as building inclusive spaces to cultivate a sense of wellness and we provide free herbal clinics quarterly.

We collaborate with other organizations on the benefits of food production by making local & cultural connections through the sharing of history, land practices and generational legacies of working with plants. We also aid in building relationships between local farmers and the community. We are an organization that operates on the firm belief that wherever we are in the world we have everything we need to start.

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We start small and go big teaching others how to build front porch and windowsill gardens of their own to building integrated systems. We developed an each-one-teach one learning model building and cultivating collective community care.

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Our 2023

in Numbers


hours of dedicated education services, volunteer support and land stewardship


Parnter Organizations, farmers and small producers


Funded community focused projects for youth and adults


day at a time, one seed at a time, one person at a time. We are anchored on the belief where ever you are with whatever you have is enough to get started.

Up next for 2024

Good Dirt: An Oral History Project

BIPOC Farmer Oral History Project starting in Texas and growing nationally.

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Youth fitness

Youth Organization Partnerships

Sustainable G’s is proud member of youth centered coalition focused on mental health, wellness, storytelling and empowerment.

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Walk Like a G

Our Earth Day celebration where we work on site to clean & incorporate sustainable practices in our local communities.

Black Farmer & Gardener Interest Group


Black Farmer & Gardener Interest Group

Black Farmer & Urban Gardener Interest Group (San Antonio & Surrounding Areas)

Join us for an exciting gathering of black farmers and urban gardeners & those interested in getting started in San Antonio and its surrounding areas! This in-person event will be held at the Carver Library located on East Commerce Street in San Antonio, TX.

This will be series of on-going meet ups to talk, discuss, skill shares and support other farmers and urban gardeners through education and support.

We hope you can join us!


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Last event of 2023 was full of fellowship, laughter, history and great information to support small producers.

Sustainable G’s welcomes your support and engagement

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Your contributions help us to support and empower others to live more sustainably, learn to grow foods and build and share and record rich food legacies through land practices, art & research.

We have several options and ways you can support our efforts. If you have skills you would like to contribute to our organization from technical, financial, marketing & agriculture related please feel free to messages us.

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